No one is you and that is your power.

Thank you for taking time to review my work and learn a little more about me. I firmly believe in the old saying, “There is no ‘I’ in team,” and that holds true with the work on this page. While I had a huge part in all of the projects, I also had team members helping me out. If you have questions about my role in any of the projects, please ask!

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Below are just a few examples of the hundreds of Facebook Ads I’ve created. Majority of the ads I’ve created are purchase/conversion, lead generation, product catalog or traffic ads (for retargeting purposes).

Budgets & Performance

I’ve worked with budgets from $500-70,000 a month. The results below are from a 48-hour sale on an e-commerce store that features online photography education and products.


Account & Pixel Setup

Google Ads

I’ve been running Google Ads for about 10 years. Majority of my experience is with search and display for brand awareness, purchase/conversion and remarketing (RLSA). Budgets ranging from $5,000-$50,000 a month.

I don’t have many visual examples here but one accomplishment that sticks out is a couple years ago, I was able to increase annual revenue for one client by $2.2 million due to my optimizations. It takes a true expert to run an effective Google Ads campaign.



I’ve created dozens of emails from template or custom coded to send as one-offs or as part of an automation. Below are 2 simple custom coded emails from a 3-part welcome aboard series.

Part One

This initial email was set up to automatically trigger as soon a new member joined. View the full email.

Part Two

This email automatically triggered 7 days after the initial email was sent. View the full email.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

The campaign below had a return of around $22K. I started with running a Facebook ad promoting a free PDF guide, the ad drove customers to a landing page where they entered their email address, which triggered an email with the PDF. I collected these email addresses on a special list and triggered an email 24 hours later with a coupon for the instructor’s course.



After a deep analysis, I worked closely with web designers and developers to improve the UX/UI. While most of my role was during the research process, I project managed the entire process and wrote some, if not all of the copy, ensuring it would improve SEO rankings, on few of the projects.

Examples of Improvements

  • Search function optimizations
  • Member vs non-member page to facilitate specialized messaging
  • Modern design
  • Enhanced readability
  • Descriptive SEO friendly copy
  • Created categories and “tracks” to simplify the member interface.

landing page

Landing Page Development

Wether I needed a landing page for lead generation purposes, to highlight a sale or to point digital ads to, I’ve created dozens over my 15 years. Below is a screenshot for one I created for a holiday sale. View the full page.


About Me

Professionally, I have spent the last 15 years building my career in marketing. I’ve found through the years that most marketing professionals are either creative or analytical, but it is very rare to find someone who is both. I am exactly that! From strategy to execution, I do it all.

Personally, I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I love the water and sunshine. On any given day, you can find me on the beach reading a book and sipping on a glass of wine. When I’m not on the beach, I’m at the dog park with my two spoiled rotten dogs.

People Say…

“She has a great work ethic and great instincts on what works in today’s constantly shifting marketing landscape.”

– Craig S

“During times of chaos, Melissa is level-headed and always has a strategic plan for success.”

– Jessica K

“I know firsthand that she doesn’t do anything half-assed. She is someone I will always want on my team.”

– Nikki C